I’m sick of the internet.

It’s a tiring thing now to be online. I used to have accounts on numerous sites. Would post here, there, everywhere. Only once in a great while would I run across a place where I didn’t feel comfortable or was rejected simply for having a different opinion.

Things aren’t like that anymore. Now, if you aren’t lock-step with the  prevailing opinion of the majority (which can swing at any moment and often does) you’re an out-of-touch “insert-derogatory-reference-here”. You’re an enemy to all the good and gentile peoples of the world (or at least said site or forum) and must be stopped at all costs!

It’s the main reason why I don’t converse online hardly ever at all any more. Everything is too angry. Too uptight. There’s no room for discussion or interpretation anymore. There simply isn’t time! I’m too busy posting this picture of my goldfish next to this half a sandwich I’ve been eating to actually rationally think about some random thing that just popped up on my “Twizzle” or “Visage-Zine” designed to get me outraged! I’M TOO BUSY BEING OUTRAGED!!! Who do you think I am? Someone with a small electronic device with near instant access to the depths of nearly all human knowledge that I could easily use to look up said “thing” to see if it’s actually something worth being outraged over in the first place?



Outside of being extremely boring now the internet is also extremely angry. I quite literally don’t feel safe interacting online any more. It’s a wonder why I’m even keeping this page up. I suppose I feel some sort of safety in anonymity because, who’s really ever going to read this thing anyway? But all it takes is one person to find it, read something they don’t like, post it to another site while riling up righteous indignation, and in a heartbeat I could go from unknown nobody to front page news as Public Enemy #1.

People just ruin everything, don’t they.