I had to look up when my last post was it’s been so long. I don’t even recognize the site any more! No, I really mean that. They did some sort of interface upgrade (sidegrade?) and I don’t know where anything is any longer. Took me a while just to get here. Then finding my site (so I could re-familiarize myself with my own damn posts) took a while longer. Haven’t posted since mid December it seems. Looks like I had a plan at that point. Had. Things change though, as they are wont to do.

The last few months have been my own kind of strange outside of everything else going on in the world. I don’t leave the house much so the whole “social distancing” thing is par for the course for me. One thing that it has changed in my life is the huge (and I mean HUGE) drop in fast food in my diet. Haven’t had any in weeks. Strange that I don’t seem to be suffering any ill effects such as withdrawal symptoms or the like. Guess I wasn’t as addicted to french fries as I though I was.

Saw the dentist because I was having a toothache. Took some x-rays and told me that the one next to that impacted wisdom tooth absolutely had to come out now. There was a cavity running almost halfway under the tooth leaving the nerve exposed. Surprisingly they got me into an oral surgeon really quickly who, in a very strange procedure (at least I thought so) pulled said tooth as well as the impacted wisdom tooth within minutes. I was much more surprised by the speed then I was by any actual pain I felt. Not much, which again if you knew me would be surprising enough on it’s own. They lied though. Said it would hurt the worst just after the sedative wore off. Mine didn’t actually start hurting for about a week. It’s been a while now and I can eat and brush regularly again. Now I just need to get my other two wisdom teeth pulled.

Finally got in to see the podiatrist specialist I’ve been waiting to see for, what… more than a year at this point? He looked at my foot, asked me why I was there, and then told me that no, he wasn’t going to be breaking my toe. Instead he was going to ensure the ulcer healed up and then get me some specially made diabetic shoes. We had an “interesting” talk. And by talk I mean he threatened my life. Well, sub-textually at any rate. He had some sticky foam attached to the bottom of my foot. Told me it was a “test” and that if I got it wet or it came off in any way I would “fail” the “test” and that we would then have to have (in a rather threatening tone) a “heart-to-heart” the next time I saw him. He scares me so I’ve been showering with a garbage bag tied around my leg since then. I see him again tomorrow. With any hope I won’t be sacrificed to the gods of Lamisil.

Not much more beyond those two things. I’m actually getting my dental work done and I might be able to walk completely normally within a few weeks. That’s going to be amazing. I’m just waiting for them to call and make an appointment. I see my dentist again later this month as well. After a really long period of waiting it feels like things are finally moving for once. Is this a pretense to a new me? A me in a world where things actually get done and I actually get done the things that I need to? Dunno. We’ll see I guess.

Robert is… Robert. He’s been having more paranoia episodes as of late. He’s convinced the neighbors are out to get him and wants to move. I keep telling him that moving won’t help as his paranoia will simply follow him there and then he’ll want to move again. It’s been really hard for him not being able to go to his groups or get out of the house when he wants to. I’m not sure how to help other than keep an eye on him and keep his psych people abreast of the situation. I’m worried. Not that much just yet but if things continue this way he might end up in the hospital.

He literally just got out of one as well. Was having all sorts of problems with moving and breathing and even getting into his clothes. He saw his GP and he told him to go to the emergency room immediately. I couldn’t believe how quickly they got him in. Turns out his body was withholding 60 pounds of fluid. No one could believe it. Over the week he spent in the hospital he urinated out more than 1/6th of his body weight. When he went in he was 309 pounds. When they released him he was 252. He’s been feeling a lot better and wanting to do things now. But he really needs to keep and eye on his weight. Any severe gain or loss and he’s going to end up right back in the emergency room. I’ve tried to tell him that but he really doesn’t like to listen to me so…

He’s being weird today though. I went and got my blood drawn and when I got home I found a soda on the foot of my bed and a stack of Orios on my computer, him nowhere to be found. I hope he can work through this without needing any sort of major intervention.

Wayne is more annoying than ever. He’s become extremely political and I just can’t deal with it. I suppose he’s been looking for something to focus his energy on after Trish left him but politics? We can’t have a discussion or watch any film or program without him bringing it up. It’s fine that he’s found something to be interested in, I just wish he wouldn’t shove it down my throat all the time. He’s been becoming less polite and more aggressive as well. His entire personality seems to be changing, and not in a good way. Where things go from here, I don’t know. He needs to get his act together though. And it’s not like I haven’t asked him to stop. I’ve even had to forbid political talk when he comes over. Not that it helps but he at least knows that I’m not happy about it.

Anything else? I’m currently unhealthily addicted to Animal Crossing I suppose you could say. But hey, I got all the Bunny Day and Cherry Blossom recipes so bite me. Just pulled four coelacanths while fishing today as well as a tuna. I’m on my way baby! Just gotta finish paying off my mortgage and…


Yes, yes.

I’m going to go now.


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