I’ve been booted.

Oh the horror!

Oh the shame!

The thing is huge and unwieldy. Weighs a ton too. All these foam pads and Velcro straps. Robert called it my Darth Vader boot, because it’s black. I called it a totally annoying piece of bullshit, because it is. I pretty much have to keep my leg right below my body in order to walk in it. I nearly fell in the office when I first tried to stand up! And I’m supposed to wear this thing as much as possible? It’s got an air pump and bladder system like those fancy sporting shoes do though, so that’s fun to play with. It’s even got this huge release valve to let the air out with. It feels something like slowly crushing your foot with balloons and then deflating them. Definitely holds your foot still though.

I wore it ’till 2 am then took it off. Super uncomfortable to sleep in and it was actually hurting my foot, but that may have been purposeful. I dunno if it’s supposed to be hurting because it’s holding my foot in a more specific position or not. I need to message my podiatrist about that. See what she says about it.

I think the women at the front desk may have been flirting with me? I’m really not good at reading that sort of thing, like at all, but when they started complimenting my shirt I knew something was up. One of them said the blue really suited me and that sort of sent me into an episode. Mildly though, I might add. I’m pretty sure I started blushing like crazy and acting like a little kid. Then the other chimed in and agreed. I told them I usually try to dress to blend in with the background and they told me I was obviously failing today then.

Compliments and me tend not to mix well. I felt rather uncomfortable and embarrassed but also somewhat flattered. It was a weird situation all around and not something that I encounter often. They were still doing it when I was on my way out. Not that I have any interest in women to begin with but it did make me feel a bit better. Especially with my new Franken-boot.

Dentist later today. I have a cleaning in the afternoon. Then tomorrow morning I’m seeing a specialist optometrist about my left eye and then around noon I’m going in to see the cardiologist. They’re going to be doing a stress test on my heart. I’m pretty sure I’m just going to be doing the liquid test rather than the treadmill one. I mean, Vader boot and all, what else are they going to do? I’m going to be happy when it’s the weekend and I won’t have anything to do for a few days. I don’t usually have more than one day in a row when I do anything. Three days in a row with an early morning doctors appointment? Phew! How sad is that folks? How sad is that?

How can it only be January 3rd? It feels like I’ve already been running around like crazy. Crazy for me that is. Is that a good thing? Is that a bad thing? I guess I’ve been feeling stressed out, especially about all of my doctors appointments and most assuredly about my foot. That seems to be under control though now I need to worry about my weight more, since I can’t really even walk, and how the hell am I supposed to get any exercise? Another month stuck on my ass. And against my will this time, I might add. I’m going to have to schedule more rides.

I need to start getting ready for my next appointment. It’s not for several hours yet but I need a good 2 hours to get ready, then they’re going to pick me up about an hour before hand, and then… no, that’s it. It really does take me a while to get ready though. I don’t primp and preen, it just takes me a bit. I hate rushing when I’m getting ready. It actually makes me uncomfortable and I need a bit to calm down and center myself. I’m an absolute nightmare when it comes to last minute situations. If I’m not already ready for some other reason, it ain’t gonna happen. Not within the time frame you may want it to happen, anyway.

Okay! Enough delaying! Get up and start getting ready! Get up! Go on! Times a wastin’! Just get on up and start pulling yourself together! Go get in that shower you wanted to take! Brush those teeth! Get those clothes on and that… that boot! Go on! Get up!


I could take a nap and come up with a halfway believable excuse? I can always pull the broken foot card. I’m sure that one will be good for quite a while.

Oh I don’t know what to do. Maybe I’ll think about it for a while while I lay here in my warm and comfy bed rather than getting up and getting ready and…

Am I the only one not buying this or is no one else either?


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