Always and Never

I get this bug from time to time. It tells me that I need to write. That I need to express something that I just can’t get out any other way. It’s actually been a while since the last time. A couple of years I believe. Still, I’ve been under a lot of stress lately and there are a number of things that I need to release that I can’t expose to the people around me.

The secret is the most precious and most dangerous thing that we as individuals can, and sometimes must, possess.

I’m not certain what I’m going to be using this site for just yet. Is it going to be a place for me to explore myself? I’m not sure how safe that would be without proper guidance. My interpersonal relationships? I don’t know if it would be right to discuss such private matters. The numerous interests I have from science and technology to religion and philosophy? I would very much like to but often such subject matter is seen as taboo. How about we just play it by ear. How about some introductions?

Hi! My name is Daniel and I’m a middle-aged, over-weight, balding, Caucasian/Hispanic male from California. I like to talk about things that most people would run screaming from. My opinions can be harsh and I’m often as stubborn as a mule. I’m currently in a committed non-monogamous relationship. We’re free to play though neither of us is much interested in sex so it’s not an issue either way. I’m comfortable with where I am. Happy is a word that I’m none too familiar with. I don’t drive. Don’t even know how to. Mostly a homebody. We both are. Despise the heat, which is bizarre having been born and raised in California, yet enjoy the cold. You’ll often find me running around in a T-shirt and shorts in 45 degree weather. I’ve taken to wearing a jacket whether I feel I need it or not in order to cut down on people staring. I’m pretty much and amalgamated collection of contradictions. Though, in the end, who isn’t?

I’ve written enough for now. The significant other has awoken and since I’m not certain what this site is going to be, I feel uncomfortable at the moment letting them know that I’m even working on it. Time to return to the me who exists not here… over there… when not here… there? It’s hard keeping track of all the different versions of me that are out there let alone the correct tenses to refer to them all with.

Off I go then.